API methods

Save Methods

The save method requires that the request body contains the entity in JSON (XML is not currently supported).

Once validation has been completed, and the entity have been saved, the entity is returned and the new location url is specified as a response header.

Get Methods

Result limit of 100 applies to all queryable methods.

Get() method calls support a subset of the OData protocol.

Supported functions are listed below.

For example, the following Url returns the first three products, ordered by name:

http://[API URL]/api/[ver]/products?$top=3&$orderby=Name


Filter and Orderby will not work for string values of any kind. Specific methods are exposed to allow querying on string values where applicable.


All arrays of objects that get returned are wrapped with the total count for the relevant query and the number of returned results in the current call.

The Get methods support pagination by using the skip and top key works in the url. If no default order clause is specified, you will need to provide one.

Examples of call where you supply the sort order:

  • http://[API URL]/api/[ver]/customer/Get?$skip=2&$top=20&$orderby=ID&apikey=39478ac6-ac2a-44d8-a31c-7e7e14af4de3& companyid=1
  • http://[API URL]/api/[ver]/customer/Get?$skip=40&$top=2&$orderby=ID&apikey=39478ac6-ac2a-44d8-a31c-7e7e14af4de3& companyid=1

Examples of call without the sort order:

  • http://[API URL]/api/[ver]/Customer/Get?$skip=2&$top=20&apikey=39478ac6-ac2a-44d8-a31c-7e7e14af4de3& companyid=1
  • http://[API URL]/api/[ver]/Customer/Get?$skip=40&$top=2&apikey=39478ac6-ac2a-44d8-a31c-7e7e14af4de3&companyid=1

Delete Methods

Delete operation will only be allowed if no other item/entity or transaction is making use of the item trying to be deleted.