API overview

To view the full API Specification click here


The current supported format is JSON.

URL Structure

The service URLs are built up as follows:

[API URL]/api/[ver]/[service name]/[method name]/[ID (when required)]?[required query string parameters]

API Url:https://accounting.sageone.co.za

Current Version: 1.1.2

All Calls require the API Key to be included as a query string parameter. This key will be issued by Pastel.

Any functions dealing with company specific data require the companyid parameter.

URL Examples:

Company Get List Example:

  • http://[API URL]/api/[ver]/Company/Get?apikey={39478ac6-ac2a-44d8-a31c-7e7e14af4de3}

Individual Company Get Example:

  • http://[API URL]/api/[ver]/Company/Get/1?apikey={39478ac6-ac2a-44d8-a31c-7e7e14af4de3}

Individual Customer Get Example:

  • http://[API URL]/api/[ver]/Customer/get/1?apikey={39478ac6-ac2a-44d8-a31c-7e7e14af4de3}&CompanyId=1


There are over 100 API services. Please refer to the API Specification and ask the Sage One developer forum if you get stuck.

Request Limits

All Sage One companies have a request limit of 5000 API requests per day. A maximum of 100 results will be returned for list methods, regardless of the parameter sent through.