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See changes effective from March 2017

Each year, the Annual Budget Speech sets new legislation in process that changes the future of payroll matters. With changes effective from March 2017, Sage One Payroll ensures your business is prepared for the new tax year.

We know how important compliance, automation, accurate reporting and easy submissions are to the success of your business. Rest assured, our online payroll software contains the new tax rates and budget changes ensuring your business is compliant. It’s automated, easy-to-use, and always up to date with the latest SARS changes.

Tax and statutory compliance is made easy with Sage One. Get the inside track and download our handy guides here:

  • Sage Tax Guide 2017/18 (download)
  • Payroll Compliance Guide: Navigate Compliance Mandates For Business Success (download)
  • Workforce Visibility Guide: HR & Payroll Executive Guide (download )
  • The Easy2understand Tax Guidebook for SME's (download )
  • Budget Speech Infographic – Deciphering the Budget Speech so you don’t have to (view)

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