Popular Questions – Everyday Processing

You do not run a Year End on Sage One. At the end of the financial year, Sage One will prompt you to change the financial year and process in the next year. Make sure that you click the Yes button on this prompt and it will be business as usual. You can view your new financial year under Company Settings. You can also change or add a new financial years here. All reporting is Sage One is completely date driven and your current financial year will be used to determine which year to print reports for and which year to display on your Dashboard graphs.

When you create customers, suppliers, bank or credit card accounts and accounts, you can enter an opening balance and a date at which the balance applies. Once you process any transactions to your customer, supplier, bank account or account, you cannot change the opening balance. Should you need to change the opening balance, you will use the Adjust Opening Balances option. For detailed information on taking on opening balances, refer to the Entering Opening Balances topic in the Online help file.