Payroll Updates

Recent updates to Sage One Payroll.
  • 2016
  • Nov
    • Data Imports - We have extended our existing Data Import Tool to allow the import of historic payslip values for Take On purposes. You can now export a template in the correct format with all the necessary fields and instead of having to recapture each period’s payslip values in the browser, setup the import sheet with the necessary values and import each period before processing a rollover.
    • Custom Calculations - You are now able to automate certain payslip values by creating a Custom Calculation for a Payslip Definition. Build conditions and calculations using a list of available mathematical operators, own amounts or amounts already processed on the system.
  • Jun
    • Data Imports/Exports-A new Data Take On tool is available to assist with quickly setting up employees when you start a new company in Sage One Payroll. This feature allows you to export a template with the correct format and all the necessary fields. You can then use the template to capture employee data in Excel and then import it into Sage One Payroll.
  • May
    • A new option to indicate Refugee Status is now available on the Employee Personal Details. This option is in line with the new Nature of Person R introduced by SARS effective 01 March 2016 and can be used for asylum seekers who have been issued an identity document.
    • We have also increased the period of inactivity before the system automatically logs you out to 60 minutes.
  • Apr
    • Maintenance and bug fixes specific to employee tax certificates and PAYE reporting for Filing Season.
  • Mar
    • Integration with Sage Pay allows secure payment of Salaries and Wages. If you have a Sage Pay account, setup your account details in the new Sage Pay section and when you are ready to pay your employees, submit the payment instruction directly to Sage Pay. Reduced transaction fees and increased security with no payment file exports and imports.
  • Feb
    • New tax rates as announced during the annual budget speech as well as changes to how pension, provident and retirement annuity fund contributions are taxed.
  • Jan
    • Maintenance and bug fixes