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Skypiom’s Knowledge Management System (KMS) is a SA Board of People Practices (SABPP) endorsed “Sustainable Upskilling Solution”, which is similar to a traditional Learning Management System albeit uniquely different. The KMS is a next-gen, mobile-friendly and genuine cloud learning solution that allows an organisation to engage its diversified employees in relevant learning activities.


Skypiom’s KMS is the world’s first native SCORM & common content standard compatible SUS that is built on Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Training Evaluation. The primary unique differentiating factor, compared to a traditional Learning Management System, is granular measurability surrounding the entire training environment, which is underpinned by the platform’s purpose built, robust and scalable system architecture.


The platform can afford truly flexible and straightforward content delivery options coupled with custom reporting. This in addition to engaging learning elements such as microlearning, gamification, moderation, performance management, proctoring, a Knowledge Base, granular assessing as well as comprehensive soft skills courses. Skypiom’s KMS includes support, even technical, as well as optional managed services if required.

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