Electronic Supply Chain and procurement Enterprise


Sigma Link is a complete Acquisition Management Solution that caters for the full range of procurement procedures and processes, from RFQ’s to Contract management. This solution is fully aligned to legislation and best practice, ensures good governance, mitigates risk, and instils internal controls and auditability. The solution enables and uses comprehensively accredited vendors whose information and documents have been validated, quality assured, indexed and scanned.


Sigma Link will also ensure comprehensive BBBEE reporting and enable enterprise development. The solution can be configured to any procurement environment and industry to meet specific development goals.


Sigma link can fully integrate with the National Treasury Central Supplier Database and automatically pulling and synchronization of all suppliers daily.


Sigma link also can Integrate with any Financial System.


There are several base features that are included in the solution that enable the acquisition processes and procedures.

These include:


Creating or converting to an Acquisition

Types of acquisition:

– Petty Cash



– Tender

– Panels

– Contract management

– Sole Service Provider

– Outside the system

Search Engine


Response Administration

Evaluation of Acquisitions

Adjudication and Approvals

Delegations of Authority

Safeguarding of Acquisition Documents

Control of Workflow

Publishing of Awards

Performance Management

Enterprise Development Monitoring and Evaluation

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