Request limit FAQ

What if I need more than 100 calls a minute?

Quite often, applications that you might believe would exceed the usage limits, can in fact work within the limits by analysing how the API is being utilized.

A local data cache can be maintained and synchronised using the various OData calls available together with the Modified and Created properties available in the API.

It is also recommended that requests be queued so that limits are locally enforced.

What is the best way to handle requests on my side?

It is recommended that applications queue requests to the Sage One API. This will allow you to ensure requests are within the supported limits, and will also allow your application to function even in the event that it cannot reach the Sage One API temporarily.

What if I need to retrieve large amounts of data from Sage One?

One function which can cause an application to exceed the usage limits is extracting data from Sage One.

Although a default paging limit of 100 is applied to all API keys, this limit can be adjusted reducing the number of calls required to retrieve data.

Does my application only have 100 requests per minute for all my users?

No, limits are per user and per company, if multiple users are making use of your application limits are handled accordingly.

What if my application still cannot function correctly within the API Usage Limits?

While the current API limits are not flexible, we can advise on making calls more efficient. Click here to contact us.