AccTech Exchange Rate Importer (AERI)

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Import Exchange Rates Effortlessly.

Driving the global expansion of your business inevitably leads to some unique accounting challenges brought on by transacting in a multi-currency environment. Organisations need to easily maintain international currency standards in order to eliminate the complexities arising from ever fluctuating exchange rates.

Most companies rely on an ERP user to manually input the daily Spot Rate from their online source of choice.

The challenges that companies face that are crippling the business are:

  • manual input errors
    incorrect time-of-day input
    incorrect rate source
    and too many currencies

AccTech Systems has automated this tedious and often erroneous task with a brand new solution. With the Exchange Rate Importer from AccTech Systems, you can instantly import exchange rates straight to your Sage 300 ERP or Sage Enterprise Management HR currency tables.

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