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CHIRON – A Pathology Laboratory Information Management System that is Cloud-based and IOT-Enabled. This multi-company, multi-branch enabled integrated end-to-end technology will allow you to take control of your business whether it is a standalone laboratory or a multinational chain.


It is time consider Chiron as part of your growth strategy.

Increase Production Scale your organisation to deal with increased loads and throughput as you grow. Identify new opportunities. Our dashboards allow you a birds-eye view of what’s going on across your organisation, and drill down to a single branch to make informed decisions.

Reduce Costs Manage and reduce your overheads, costs and inventory losses. Powerful reporting from both Chiron and Salesforce/Sage Live puts information at your fingertips.

Scale out Cost effective thin clients or even tablets connecting over cellular or IP networks makes setting up shop incredibly cheap and easy. It’s one less thing to consider when setting up a new laboratory.

Manage IT Costs We manage everything in our cloud. From setup to backup, it’s all done by us. You simply install the latest version of a standard browser (free) on your devices.

GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS We guarantee uptimes and scalability through our partnerships with Microsoft, Salesforce and Sage Live.

ACCOUNTING Through our partnerships we’ve ensured your accounting obligations and fiscal reporting isn’t left behind. With Sage Business Cloud, we guarantee truly powerful financial reporting, from asset management, to inventory and stock. Report on measurable and immeasurable output costs, build complex dimensions to report on key business segments and roll-up transactions vertically. Action poorly performing business units and play to your strengths.

OUR CLOUD We’ve partnered with Microsoft and built formidible cloud capabilities with pioneering technologies. Under almost any circumstance we guarantee high performance and can scale the solution according to your disaster recovery strategy, failover and performance needs. Together, we ensure you’re protected from catastrophic failure by implementing zone redundant or geo redundant data replication. You don’t do a thing. We take care of everything.

INSURANCE CLAIMS (South Africa) Our workflow architecture reduces business risk by validating claims before they are submitted for laboratory processing. We support both batch and live submission, as well as live funds validation at the time of logging. Peace of mind is assured. Payment remittance and rejection dashboards allow you to easily manage claims and successful automated reconciliations are injected directly into Sage Live, making debtor management significantly simpler.

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