FenyaEDI for Field Sales Applications


Repsly and Biztrack Plugin

We have developed a platform specially designed for Repsly and Biztrack end-users. This platform syncs seamlessly with Sage. fenyaEDI provides Repsly and Biztrack end-users with the following seamless benefits:

• Auto download Customer Orders into your ERP.

• Auto download Customer Returns into your ERP.

• Upload Product information from your ERP to your Repsly/ Biztrack account.

• Upload Product SOH from your ERP to your Repsly/ Biztrack account.

• Upload Tax Invoices from your ERP back to Repsly.


Field Sales applications provide businesses with an effective tool to capture customer orders in store, manage sales representatives and manage sales outside of the workplace. Our fenyaEDI platform aims to aid field sales applications by offering a seamless B2B solution between the sales application and your accounting software.

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