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Fixed Assets add-on for Sage Financials is the first unique add-on developed to simplifies asset accounting by seamlessly integrating it with your Sage Financials accounting software.  The add-on facilitates accounting transactions such as asset acquisition, depreciation, depreciation reversal, asset disposal and generating standard reports. An easy to setup add-on for Sage Financials manages asset management throughout the asset life cycle.  Greytrix Fixed Assets add-on offers different depreciation methods, new journal postings such as Purchase Fixed Assets, Depreciation Expense, and Asset Disposal according to your business needs, the module.  The module is fully integrated with the Sage Financials General Ledger module.

New dimensions considering assets such as Fixed Assets, Accumulated Depreciation are introduced that are tagged during asset transaction posting to the General Ledger.  As Greytrix Fixed Assets for Sage Financials is built on the Salesforce platform it is compatible with the Salesforce Lightning.  This add-on brings to your organizations the benefits of out-of-the box components, event driven architecture and a framework that optimizes performance, faster development and cross browser compatibility.  With this add-on users can easily track asset depreciation and evaluate asset book value.  Standard financial reports like income statement, trail balance, balance sheet are accurately shown in account balances after posting of asset accounting transactions.

GUMU™ is a data exchange and integration framework built by Greytrix that facilitates realtime and rapid data synchronization by building connectors between two or more ERP, CRM or business applications.  The framework connects Sage applications to any on premise or cloud business applications either utlilizing its built-in APIs and SDK’s and/or by developing new plugins to establish a link between multiple applications. This provides the ability to create various data migration or integration solutions, where data is analysed and transferred between systems either in a one way or bi-directional movement. GUMU™ Integration is an award winning solution in the market since 2002 with hundreds of successful customers integrating ERP like Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management, Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 50 US with world leading CRM like Sage CRM and GUMU™ for Sage ERP with CRM is a flagship product which delivers seamless, real-time, bi-directional integration that plays a pivotal role in bridging and unlocking the potential of front office and back office data to make smarter and faster business decisions.

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