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End-to-End Flow of your Supply from Supplier Management & Development to Procurement


Identify, acquire, and manage resources and suppliers essential to operations better than before


Optimise supply management with seamless implementation of the SupplyFlow solution


  • Automated and Digitalised Procurement
    • Full range of procurement procedures and processes with contract and panel management.
  • BBBEE Spend Management
    • Realtime management and tracking of BBBEE procurement spend.
  • Supplier Enterprise Development           
    • Implement, monitor and measure impact of enterprise development initiatives, including an integrated supplier engagement and training platform.
  • Supplier Relationship Management
    • Supplier on-boarding, portal and communications.


Comprehensive Integrated Supply Management Solution to make supply management better.


End-to-End Flow of your Supply from Supplier Management & Development to Procurement
  • Acquisition Management
    • Comprehensive Procurement from Requisitions to Purchase Order
  • Supplier Database Management
    • Supplier On-boarding and Management
  • Supplier Management and Development
    • Supplier Engagement, Enterprise Development and Monitoring
  • BBBEE Spend Management
    • BBBEE Spend Improvement & Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Supply Contract Management
    • Contract Management with Call-off and Variation Management
  • Supplier Panel Management
    • Panel On-boarding, Procurement and Rotation

Fully configurable to cater for any supply management environment

SupplyFlow is modular and highly configurable to cater your organisations specific needs, requirements and integration into existing systems

  • Modular and highly configurable implementation to meet specific needs, and unique requirements for supply management / procurement
  • Configure to match specific operation and implementation needs
  • Integrates with most ERP solutions

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