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Jarrison Time collects clocking transactions from various hardware manufacturers automatically, calculating the daily and ‘end of period’ totals. Jarrison Time applies specific shift rules to varying groups of people and can send any customized reports automatically. Direct and automated integration with Sage solutions, including total hours worked, employee and leave information. Catering for complicated shift requirements, yet still maintaining ease of use.


Jarrison Time is an advanced Time & Attendance software solution, with many features enabling the automatic management of complex shift rules. Each employee can have reminders, saved documents, photos and many other custom fields assigned. Employee details can be bulk added in batches and/or import automatically daily from Sage systems.


Jarrison Time will import transactions directly from various fixed or mobile hardware devices, cell phones and partner access control databases, automatically and simultaneously.


Routine daily activities are simplified with exception management and automatic alerts. Catering for many different business processes including overtime authorization, overtime preauthorization, daily adjustments and/or clocking edits. Multiple users are possible, with specific controls as to what they can do and who they can view and/or edit, all logging in simultaneously to the MS SQL Database.


With optional workflow rules in place, overtime authorization and manual edits, will require approval from a manager , which in turn can be set to have a higher-level manager also have to approve the edits before they will take effect. Many standard reports with a built in report creator make is possible to have any report for any group, all being able to send on a trigger or schedule.


With the use of exception reports and an on-screen list of totals, preparation for export to Sage is made easy.

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