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With every step taken in business, aim is placed upon enhancement, to make the best or most effective use of a resource or situation at that point in time. Continuously optimizing. With MyBI, make your business alive and accessible through successful financial reporting and capturing. Together we strive to help your business GROW towards great success. MyBI Apps seamlessly connects with multiple databases from a single location without the need for additional Pastel licenses. Remotely analyse and review businesses with full insight to transaction data. Note that all apps are provided through cloud services (or Dropbox, synchronized to local your machine) to ensure that you can connect from anywhere, at any time! At MyBI we want to assure you that your information and data is handled with the utmost respect. We stand firmly by protecting the data we encounter every single day. Please, find peace in knowing that your data is in good hands. Your Data • Your Asset


The world of budgeting is overwhelming to say the least. We often do not know where to begin, what to consider and even more so, how to get all our team members on the same page!

Rest assured we are here to help YOU with exactly that!


The MyBudgets app allows you to create and update monthly budgets per account with the full functionality of excel formulas. Create a single import file to import the budget into your Pastel Partner / Pastel Xpress / SAGE 50 Cloud accounting system.


You can easily do a budget breakdown, down to sub-account levels at a global or holistic view. If you have gone through the process of creating and updating a budget in SAGE 50 Cloud / Pastel Partner / Pastel Xpress, you will love the MyBI MyBudgets app.


– Plan and capture your budget the way you want it.

– Break budget line items down to sub-accounting levels.

– Integrate your budgets with your Balance Sheet or Income Statement.

– Update and/or flush your budget as many times as you need.

– Include your team.

– *Note that SAGE Pastel user access NOT required.

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