Dynamic Accounts Receivable Management


Expected cash flows

– Highlight potential Risks

– Customer feedback and notes

– Simultaneously send all statements and invoices together with credit notes and linked delivery notes with email tracking

– Automatic Payment reminders based on terms

– Anytime cashflow forecast

– Accurately allocate receipts with built in remittance function

– Control update and monitor accounts feedback

– Identify and analyse overdue accounts

– Identify unallocated payments immediately


Dynamic Accounts Payable Management


– Automatically match PO, Invoice, GRN and POD

– Manage by exception

– No manual capturing of invoices

– Eliminate errors




Detailed Reporting – KPI per credit controller – Highlight Risk areas – Identify exceptions – Consolidated Views


Linking Delivery Notes to Invoices

– Ensure all invoices have a matching Delivery Note

– Trip sheets for driver – Instant matching

– Signing on Glass Module


Easy Implementation

– No database overhead

– Send out documentation in seconds

– 30 day free trial

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Contact: 010 271 2071




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