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– Sync critical product information like Stock and Price to the B2B Trade Store

– Capture orders from B2B Trade Store automatically in Sage 200 Evolution

– Sync customer information through to the B2B Trade Store

– Easy to configure and start trading – Secure data with daily backups – No setup costs

Description integrates Sage 200 Evolution with the B2B Trade Store for seamless price and stock updates, as well as orders automatically raising in accounts. The sync is run through Sage 200 Evolutions’ SDK connector and as a result is proven reliable.

Customer information that syncs from Sage 200 Evolution:

– Customer account number

– Customer delivery address/es (sync multiple)

– Customer-linked pricelist & discount

– Customer email and contact information

– Customer currency & Tax/VAT rates


Product information that syncs from Sage 200 Evolution:

– Stock (On hand or Available)

– Product title

– Product description

– SKU code

– Product pricing

– Product tax rates


Order information that syncs back from B2B Trade store to Sage 200 Evolution:

– Customer particulars

– Customer account number

– Delivery address selected

– SKU items on order & quantity

– Discount % (sale price vs original price percentage)

– Order reference number


If store merchant decides to push product information to WooCommerce from, you can do so for the following:

– Product title

– Product main image

– Product gallery images

– Product categories (unlimited)

– Related products

– Product attributes (Small, Medium, Large)

– Product attribute filters (filter by brand tag, category tag etc.)


The setup cost of sync installation is R2000 excl. VAT, or you can perform the sync install yourself with our helpful Youtube Tutorial, or documentation. Simply sign up for an account to get started today!

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