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Novtel Relations Management Software can assist any organisation in taking control of its communication and interaction activities, and run a paperless system.

This product was developed to effectively manage communication between Clients, Suppliers, Prospects and Employees. By means of e-mail, SMS, notes and instructions, you can build a communication history and track-record in one central system. Track all complete and incomplete tasks, as well as task history; and utilise the auto reminder and flagging functions to keep your tasks organised.

This product has powerful filtering capabilities, allowing you to group customers, suppliers and prospects according to industries, their needs or supplies, location and their status, whether it be new, existing, pending or other, customized according to your needs.

Novtel Relations Management Software is a valuable tool for sending bulk SMS’s or e-mails to specific groups.

Key features include:

• Fully functional as a stand-alone package
• Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, Sage Evolution, Sage Pastel Partner/Xpress
• Manage external communications with Customers, Suppliers and Prospects
• Manage internal communications, staff incidents and activities
• Built-in auto reminder system
• Tracks all complete and incomplete tasks, plus task history
• Powerful filtering capabilities
• Attach documents to contact, save notes, set status
• Send individual or bulk E-mails and SMS’s

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Email: [email protected]
Tel: 086 166 8835


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