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At Wecloud SA, we’re guiding businesses toward an evolutionary standard.

Always online , Always backed up , Always Secure.

In a digital world that is ever evolving, and where businesses are looking for ways to streamline their operations, Cloud Computing is the Solution.

There is peace of mind knowing that the businesses software and data can be accessed online from any device , at any time from any place. Business.Anytime.Anywhere
Cloud computing is when you store data on online servers as opposed to the traditional method of storing software and data on hardware within the office.
But cloud computing offers more than just data storage.

It allows for multiple parties to access various parts of the cloud and allow for streamlined project coordination.
If your business relies on your data and software being safe and secure and letting you have the ability of working from anywhere, chances are that cloud-based services will assist in the effective running of your business. If employees regularly need to share files and software, cloud computing will add additional convenience.

If you had to lose your primary device, you could access all data and software through another device.
Your device essentially becomes a portal to access all your data and software and is not required to hold any software and or data on it.
The benefit of Cloud Computing is that you only need one user account for all your staff to make use of the software, no more purchasing multiple users for these software packages. If you have any specific software requirements these can also be uploaded to the cloud.

The service is provided on a Subscription basis and is billed monthly with a two month cancellation period.

It can be hard to predict some of the challenges your organisation may face – disruptions don’t follow a calendar. But if you are prepared, with an effective Cloud Solution, your business operation does not stop.
(Computers can malfunction for many reasons, from viral infections, to age-related hardware deterioration, to simple user error. Or, despite the best of intentions, they can be misplaced or stolen).
With protection from Ransomware, 99.9% up time and 24/7/356 support from our team, business evolution has never been more achievable.

The cost comparison alone should be the deciding factor for any business looking to maximize profits and minimize expenditure ,i.e. – What is your data worth to you? Migration to the cloud clearly demonstrates the savings in hardware, management and operations costs.

Wecloud SA is fully compliant with the POPI ACT (The protection of Personal Information Act)

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