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Novtel Equipment Hire Software is a multi-functional system that has the ability to help track the overall management and productivity of any day-by-day, short term or long term rental item, including the sales and maintenance thereof.

Novtel Equipment Hire Software is geared to manage the rental of equipment such as (but not limited to) tools, industrial plant, scaffolding, containers, catering/event hire equipment, camera equipment, garden equipment, and chemical toilets with a complete on-site service scheduling and driver tracking management system. This product is also equipped with a fully integrated internal and external workshop management system.

A variety of reports are included which enables the user to record profit & loss per stock category and item, accumulated monthly totals per hire contract/item; and overall stock availability in-store and in other branches.

Key features include:

• Seamlessly integrates with Sage Pastel Partner/Xpress
• Complete on-site service scheduling & driver tracking management
• Fully integrated internal & external workshop management system
• Generate a variety of Reports
• Generate Rental Agreements
• Track maintenance and servicing on every item
• Manage multiple branches and workshops
• Built-in Point of Sale support product
• (Third Party Integration with TomTom tracking in development)

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Email: [email protected]
Tel: 086 166 8835


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