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Novtel Contract Management Software is a feature-rich and flexible software solution, developed for all service type operations where periodic recurring billing – such as month to month, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual billing – needs to be managed effectively.

Novtel Contract Management Software has the ability to manage service agreement contracts, track expiry dates and integrates to Sage Pastel Partner, Xpress and Sage Pay.

This product is an ideal solution for providers specialising in hygiene and/or cleaning services; educational institutions; internet providers and any other service provider which manages and invoices clients periodically.

Novtel Contract Management Software is fully functional as a stand-alone package and does not require a direct accounting interface.

Key features include:

• Fully functional as a stand-alone package
• Seamlessly integrates with Sage Pastel Partner/Xpress & Sage Pay (optional)
• Ideal solution for a service type business
• Manage recurring billing effectively
• Manage service agreement contracts
• Track expiry dates

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Email: [email protected]
Tel: 086 166 8835


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