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FenyaWM is an Android based WMS that is barcode orientated. FenyaWM is designed to automate the transactions between the warehouse and the admin desk. By using barcodes as its driver, FenyaWM not only ensures accuracy when dealing with stock, whether during stock takes or on the pick face, it completes the entire transaction in your Sage system to ensure that stock movements in your system reflect the movements in reality. FenyaWM offers more than simply barcoding – the system designed to cover the entire warehouse from Receiving to Dispatch. FenyaWM automates your warehouse processes and integrates it with your administration – completely innovating the way you do business and cutting out hours of painstaking manual data capture and completely removing human error from the picture. Furthermore it offers unique reports that help identify where you are losing time and money, supervisors can monitor general user actions and transactions giving you a bird’s-eye view over your warehouse.


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