Integrate & automate Sage with all third-party Applications, System, APIs & Databases in minutes not months. No coding, SMB to Enterprise.

Modern organisations are using more apps and services than ever but sharing data between them is one of the biggest challenges facing IT today. Flowgear’s iPaaS platform (Integration Platform as a Service) enables organisations of all sizes to build powerful Application, Data and API integrations in minutes, not months, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premise, all from a single interface.

Benefits:Competitive Advantage

Integrate Sage directly with your proprietary technology, 3rd party apps & systems, customers and suppliers to increase operational efficiency.

Reduce Overhead: Save your business $1,000’s per month. Automate repetitive manual processes and improve response times.

Overcome Data Silos: Share data across your whole organisation with a single source of truth.

Move from hand-code to no code

Use prebuilt connectors to increase speed to market. Visual design ensures you have ownership of your integrations. Eliminate maintenance overhead of hand-coded point-to-point integrations. Run business-critical integrations backed by SLA’s.

Features:Platform – Product – Affordability

Flowgear offers an enterprise-grade solution with an affordable and scalable subscription model. This enables both medium and large corporations to rapidly implement powerful integration solutions without the need for substantial upfront planning or capital-intensive infrastructure.

High Cadence Value Proposition: High Ease of Use – Sophistication – ROI Pricing

Move from hand-code to no code No coding required. 200+ Pre-built Connectors and Workflow Templates

iPaaS & RPA: Flowgear blends iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to provide a complete Integration & Automation solution.

DropPoints: DropPoints are software agents that enable the Flowgear cloud to access on-premise data sources. See how DropPoints seamlessly enable Flowgear to access data sources that are not exposed to the Internet

QuickMap Visual Data Mapper: See how Flowgear’s QuickMap visual data mapper makes it easier to build sophisticated integrations without requiring coding or technical scripting

Build, manage and integrate APIs from a single interface: Provides agile integration by coupling design and execution, giving integrators the benefit of much shorter test cycles, and enables an iterative development approach

Workflows: Flowgear’s integration solutions are designed as workflows. A workflow is a visual representation of an integration task that is composed of a series of steps called nodes.

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Help Centre:
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Telephone South Africa: 0861-61-3569
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    Extremely powerful product to integrate with any system and automate all your processess

    4 years ago
    Mark Gawronsky

    We use Flowgear on many Ops manual task that users do not have to do anymore. Flowgear helps with automation, If we think of a issue, Flowgear can solve it if we plan and spec the action points well.

    4 years ago
    Paul O'Brien

    Very happy with Flowgear as a connection from our Sage Evolution to our third party developed database. The Flowgear provides a daily link between the systems. The software is reliable and stable and is well supported.

    4 years ago
    JJ Milner

    We use Flowgear to synchronise our CRM and billing information with Pastel Evolution. Flowgear is responsible for syncing our Customer Master data, credit terms, payment allocations, product/stock synchronisation and revenue accurals. I can recommend Flowgear to any Sage Evolution customer.

    4 years ago
    Rika Myburg

    Integration to Sage has never been this simple, scalable, affordable and easy. Definitely a must for any Sage customer.

    4 years ago
    Kathy le Cordeur

    Our QuickSearch programme designed by Flowgear is our favourite tool! It draws all the details from our Pastel inventory and customer lists and summarises them in an accessible spread sheet with powerful search capabilities. We can’t do without it!

    4 years ago
    Rika Myburg

    Integration has never been this simple, scalable, affordable, and easy. Every Sage customer need to consider this option seriously.

    4 years ago
    Colin Thornton

    We have been a happy Flowgear customer for over ten years with two businesses. Flowgear handles the integration between our CRM (which has changed a few times) and Sage Evolution. Our businesses have evolved numerous times, which changed the integration requirements, and each time Flowgear is able to consult and understand the business case then action it.

    4 years ago
    Genevieve Schoeman

    Awesome iPaas solution to eliminate all those data silos in your organisation – fantastic team to work with too!

    4 years ago
    Megan Durais

    Quick and smart intergration, not too dificult to understand either.

    4 years ago

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