LetsOrder Mobile By Letsap


– Allows for Online (live) and Offline processing
– All the features are easily accessible from one dashboard screen
– It allows sales reps to issue Invoices, Orders and Quotations on the road
– Sales reps can see complete sales history of clients
– LetsOrder Mobile runs on IOS and Android devices
– Sales reps have access to complete client contact and location information
– A timer option can automatically add consultation time spent with client to invoices
– The Check In and Check Out feature allows sales reps to log sales activity
– GPS login allows sales managers to view locations of sales reps activities
– Live quantities at each store allows user to view actual quantities available at other warehouses and branches. It is useful if you don’t have the stock available at your warehouse
– Process to any store
– Set up the user that logs in to LetsOrder Mobile to process in their specific warehouse.
– Allows Multiple Companies
– Scan barcodes using the device’s camera as a scanner and directly scan the products required by the customer into the document, instead of searching for them. This also ensures accurate processing, ensuring that you have selected the correct items.
– View product images if the image has been saved on the product in Sage Pastel, user will be able to view the image in LetsOrder Mobile.
– Capture client signatures for quotes, orders or invoices
– Capture remarks on the document
– Narration and comments can be added as additional information.

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